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Hello Patsy ,
            Here is a picture of my oldest and the puppy . My kids are still fighting over a  new name for him. So he doesn't have one yet. He went to the vet yesteday and got his first shot and was dewormed . T he vet says he looks like a healthy little puppy . We love him already . My sister thinks she might  want one and my mom is in love with him too . Thank you 

Below is , Jamesha , she bought a puppy from me last June . Last week she brought her friend over to purchase her new Shih Tzu puppy . It makes me feel so good to be able to have such satisfied customers to recommend their friends and relatives !
These are the wonderful loving folks that have adopted my sweet babies ! I love each and every person who has gave them their secure homes . To adopt your puppy call me at 334 864 9595  .
Patsy, just wanted to drop you a line to let you know “Prince” has settled nicely into our family and our home. The first day he was understandably nervous, as were we all. Since then it’s been (mostly) smooth sailing. He likes to explore the back yard, he hops and jumps while he’s playing with the kids, he likes to run (and he has plenty of room to do that!) He has barked and growled at the pit/lab mix that lives next door (think he’s got lil dog syndrome---hahaha). When the kids come home from school and he hears them, he wags his tail wildly and whimpers until he can lick them to death! He gets to sleep in a king size bed, has his own crate and (mostly) free rein of the kitchen floor. He likes to get beggin strip minis when he does his business outside. And he likes to take rides in the car. He wasn’t wild about his first trip to Petsmart (on Saturday) but he was probably tired from the ride, which he handled very well by the way. He seems to be very happy here, and we are glad to have him. We are still undecided on a name at the moment.....Don and the kids call him ‘Lil Bear’, I call him Baby. He likes to chew on rocks (of all things) so I was thinking of calling him Rocky, or Gizmo because he reminds me of the gremlin in the face. He is so sweet and so loving. I think it goes without saying....he is SPOILED....but then again, so are we! Smile I will send some pictures soon.

Thank you for sharing a little love with our family! Smile

Lori, AKA “Baby’s Mama...hahaha
Good morning, Patsy! My name is Ms. Robbi C. Flowers from Auburn, AL. How are you doing? My daughter and I bought a yorkie from you during the first week of March of this year. Her former name was Queenie. It was so great to see that you still have my daughter's picture (She is the tall girl who has the long black and brown hair standing sideways) on your website holding her new puppy .

 I wanted to send you a couple of pictures of CoCo. She has really grown up, is a social butterfly, loves to kiss everyone, and loves my daughter to death. I can't believe that she will be a year old in December. Take care. 

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 I adopted my yorkietzu from you a couple of years and have been extremely pleased. If and when I need to get another dog it will definetly come from you. I have recommended you to everyone I have come into contact with, cause you can tell you care about your babies. Unfortunately my previous baby (runt pekingese) came from a good breeder I thought. When I took her to the vet cause she wasn't walking right, he told me she had no knee socket in either legs which is common in dog mills. I told the breeder who said the vet was a quack however to bring her back and she would put her down and give me my money back. I could not even think about doing that cause from the second I saw her she had my heart. The experience however left me weary of breeders. The first thing I did with Lil Bear is took him to the vet who said he was in excellent health and came from a great breeder. So THANK you again. I will send you a picture as soon as I can.